Friday, September 21, 2018

SNEAKER SUDS is not only for sneakers!  Running shoes, training shoes, hiking shoes and boots all benefit from a good cleaning and conditioning.  After a few runs or hikes your best shoes will start to get a bit ratty looking. Disappointing yes, but you can do something about it. Clean them gently with Sneaker Suds Premium Sneaker Cleaner. Our real peppermint essential oil will add a fresh experience to the cleaning, helping you ponder that next adventure! WE WILL BE AT THE LONG BEACH MARATHON EXPO Oct 5th & 6th! COME SEE US!  Enter to win a $50.00 GIFT CARD to Roadrunner Sports Stores! 

Monday, September 10, 2018


Last week we started a really fun idea on our INSTAGRAM page. The idea is that your parents were way cooler than you are. We are finding vintage photos from the 70's mostly and aim them at our skateboarding audience. Skateboarders are loving Sneaker Suds and eating up these posts of ours.

How cool were your parents?   @sneakersuds

They did things most of us never even tried (maybe that is a good thing!). But most of all our parents were the coolest of the cool generation. Just try doing this on a skateboard!  

Check out our INSTAGRAM page and follow us there for more great photos and stories!

We would love to see your cool parents photos. @sneakersuds on INSATGRAM with your favorite memories !

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